Tale of the Rune Marked

The Story So Far

So far a small band of naive heroes raised by seclusive monks tasked with saving the world from the demonic overlords that took control and the despotic rakshasa that leads them all. Their home was burnt down by the devil Tiesto, causing the twelve rune-marked lower caste to scatter into the woods. Four of these chosen children bound together and found themselves aiding a small coastal village in southern Eurayle that had been overrun by monstrous spiders that turned out to be an uncommon race of intelligent shapeshifting spiders.
After a harrowing fight with a hydra the party meandered their way to a very large city where they investigated claims of human children dissapearing, a monster that roamed the nearby wood and a cursed chapel from an era long forgotten. After a few days Secrets were revealed. The lost children were a distraught summoned beast (slenderman) trying to contact it’s misplaced master. There was also a secret prison called Belle Rev, that was torturing human and demi-human.
Lastly the party rescued an ancient Dryad attached to an equally ancient evergreen who’s root structure descends over 500 feet into the soil. She had been tricked into thinking she was a gremlin defacing an ancient chapel dedicated to the oldest of the lost gods. In gratitude the Dryad offer then her blessings in occupying the chapel to the dragon matrons and all the deities that came after in exchange for their help in restoring the balance to the mortal realm.
After setting up shop two or three days journey from the large metropolis Kaer Maga (Reeve Tiesto’s home turf). They were soon approached by an acolyte to one of the few churches endorsed by the demonic powers. The acolyte requested that this band of freedom fighters journey to Kaer Maga to re-acquire an artifact from a thief that desires to reunite a collection of items and awaken a devastating force that would not be beneficial for rebels or ruling houses.
Within the inner walls of this city of chaos their intentions become known to a crafty dwarven merchant who offers up the location of the home of their thief in exchange for a little protection muscle.


Ronan Ronan

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