The northern most continent in the Middle-lands, as well as the smallest Shijie is characterized by it’s abundant plains. Some scholars believe the plains of Shijie are the birthplace of mankind.

History of the plain of Shijie & the Dannan

A long long long time ago a great warrior & poet known as Gygax crossed the great sea and landed a great boat on the coast of ‘Shijie’ with a great number of nomads called ‘the clans of Dannan. The area the clans washed up was a contested land between two great empires on the verge of war and the motley crew of unaligned folk that lie in between. The clans spread out thru the plains between the mountain range the Dwarven Dame & his people called home, and the great wood the Star Fall Empress & her people called home.
The plains of Shijie were not a hospitable land with the scads of warbeasts let loose by the peoples from the north and south. Gygax knew that uniting the clans under a single banner, under Gygax’s banner. With inhuman speed this hero united most of the clans and then sent diplomatic emissaries to the north & south to forge piece between the three peoples.
Piece would not come without it’s troubles but the clans of Dannan offered to warden the plains that lie between the Erdeluete and the Starfall Empire, in exchange the two kingdoms would agree to sign a non-aggression pact.

The Realm of Man

Now dubbed King Gygax the clans of Dannan prospered. Each clan divided the plains of Shijie up into Cuige and then into Comte and divided further into Fiefs. Each subdivision was allowed to rule their land as they saw fit, while the governing party above would judge on matters and disputes that crossed borders with the lands they controlled. The King would have final say in all matters in the Realm of Man (or so he called the plains of Shijie), his Daimyo governed over the Cuiges, while Samurai (either solitary or as a council) controlled the Comtes, and a sole Knight would control a Feif.
Of the 12 clans of Dannan that originally traveled to Shijie only 7 survived intact and 5 pledged to serve under King Gygax.

People of the Plains of Shijie

Dannan – People from beyond the Western seas. Most Dannan stand 5 to 6 feet tall with skin color ranging from light, tan to olive. Each Cuige has a slightly smaller range.

  • Cuige Clorette
  • Cuige Cloukeg
  • Cuige Shimmen
  • Cuige Squawl
  • Cuige Watterous

Drow – lanky cave dwellers. Standing a lanky eight feet while fully erect, Drow prefer a hunched posture giving others the illusion that they stand closer to a Dannan’s height. Living underground for so long has left all Drow albino or close to it. They have longer arms and a tail that gives them an amazing sense of balance. Their long floppy ears are normally worn pulled back and a padded up-turned nose giving them a unique sense of sent that aids them in moving around in the dark underground.

Dwarves – (Black Elves) brothers of Vaeter who turned their back on the luminous for fear of the ‘lumina taint’. All Black Elves stand about 4 to 5 feet tall and have skin tones that range from dark tan, to ebony, to mahogany. Dwarves view their beards as a badge of honor and a mark of adulthood often adorning their earthy toned hair with various trinkets of stone, gem, and metal.

  • Rail Dwarf – mountain folk from beyond Shijie who worship the mechanis realm
  • Erdeluete – mountain folk of northern Shijie

Erdgeist – (Grey Elves) once dwarves trying to recapture the luminous, the magic of their elven brothers. Instead, they’ve mastered ‘the glamour’. As Erdgeist grow older they tend to focus on one of four elemental attitudes.

  • Sylphid- wind aspect, with the ability of flight and invisibility. There is skin naturally blue.
  • Ondine- water aspect, harnessing the abilities of attractiveness & cunning. Ondine aren’t always female but are always feminine
  • Salamander- fire aspect, among their many abilities, the ability to put out fire with a mere touch are counted among them.
  • Gnome- earth aspect, harnessing the abilities of earth passing among many others. While Gnomes aren’t always male they are always masculine.

Fomor – warrior plain people. Tall and proud the Fomor are nomadic tribal plainsmen who value honor and strength beyond most other things. Most Fomor stand between 5 to 7 feet tall with an odd light green tinted short haired fur that covers their bodies. Their body fur grows wide and flat with a secondary color underneath (usually a shade of orange). The Fomor are able to flex their body hair to alter their coloring, often creating a distracting effect. Their arm fur is a longer to camouflage the arm spurs.

  • Fomor-hy’agoul – less intelligent but larger cousins of Fomor.
  • Halfling half-Fomor – Fomor/Dannan bastards

Jotnar (bastard Dwarves) – those few survivors of the union between a Black Elf and a Dannar are said that the magics that flow within the blood of the Black Elf mother transfer to the child and bestow them strength and size.

Ly’thrope – Descendants of a vast variety of lycantropic people once banded together out of some need lost into the annals of time but now stand tall. These people who once hailed from those that straddled the line between two worlds, that of the mortal man, and that of the beasts or the land, have split their specie into two distinct people. The signs of their varied heritage is apparent upon first glance.
All Ly’thrope are strong, tough but tend to act on impulse more than not +1 Str, +1 Con, -2 Wis

  • Fera – bipedal half of the descendants of Lycanthropes
  • Wyld – quadrapedal half of the descendants of Lycanthropes

Nimarh – descendants of the original infected. Nimarh have the same variations of color as the Dannar only with a cold paleness, along with fangs, and yellow, orange, red, or purple eye color. In the dark a Nimarh’s eyes glow or shimmer.

  • Wight – second class citizens of Nimarh who sustain themselves on energy. Wight possess cunning but lack great physical strength.
  • Ghoul – second class citizens of the Nimarh who feed on flesh & possess intense strength but little cunning.
  • ’Upir – ruling party of the Nimarh who feed on mortal blood.

Sidhe – Vaeter/Dannan bastards used in border relations

Troll – (Dark Elves) Vaeter who turned their back on the luminous for the inner light (psionic)

Vaeter – (Light Elves) tall people who use magic along the path of luminous and perfection. Light Elves stand 6 to 7 feet tall and have very light skin often with a pearl-like glisten. The farther a Vaeter progresses along their chosen path of enlightenment the brighter their ‘lumina’. Their eyes are almond shaped with the outside corners turned up slightly, their ears are long (usually as long as their hands) pulling out and back from the face.


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