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The third age or Wunderand

And So It Came To Pass is a telling of the days leading up to the Blackest Day. A story not entirely required to understand the story before you, the story of the

Reign of the Blackest Day

This story begins on Seraine while under the tyrannical rule of the Devil-King. However, there are more than just one patch of land to explore. Across the Western sea is the land of Telerak. South of Seraine is a rumored land the Unclaimed Lands. Between Telerak and Seraine are three smaller continents Shijie, Hiryl, Firash

Playable Races

Upper Class Middle Class Lower Class Rare Slave-stock
Canis Halflings with tails Dwarves Drow Humen
Tengu Orcs Elves Gnomes
Tundran Half-Elves Ifrit
Half-Orcs Oread

Homebrew Notes

  • Dragons: are a thing of a distant past. Even though True Dragons and the Dragon-Gods have vanished from the lands, their lesser kin (linorm, wyvern, ect.) can be spotted from time to time.
  • Firearms: are considered Emerging and are almost never seen outside the reaches of a fanatic new religious cult ‘The Mechanus’ and their clockwork golems.

A Brief history

16 years before the start of this tale was a terrible day, forever dubbed the “Blackest Day” when the realms most renown warrior and sages and over a thousand souls were lost during a magical onslaught under the shroud of the largest cloak of magical darkness. This curtain of interpretable shade fell over one of the greatest cities ever, Cloud city, and persisted for 1 day and 1 hour. When the shadow lifted, buildings were left unharmed, marred with blood. However, there were no bodies save for 12 children who had all fallen unconscious.
Within the coming week a demonically empowered Rakshasa took control over the entire continent. Breaking into five districts. The Rakshasa cares little for the details and the lives of those under him. Because of his flippant attitude toward demi-human lives he has established a cast system based on how “human” you look. Leaving the humans of the world in a very undesirable position, as little more than slaves.
This new Devil-King established a new caste structure as well as setting up a religion centered on the demonic overlords of the Outer Realms. Humans are the sole occupants of the lowest caste in the new system the Eta.
Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Orcs make up the second tier, the Onoi. It was the Onoi who were the merchants, and property tenders.
the Kuge were made up of bureaucrats and those that belonged to the church. The majority of bureaucrats were Fomor. The church was the only way for a Onoi or Eta to escape their caste. Kuge are technically higher than Onoi and lower than the Shinog but under the auspice of bureaucracy and religion only the Daimo or high lords are higher.
The Shinog are comprised with land and business owners and military. The sole occupants are Canis, Tundran, Fomor, Tengu.
Daimo and Reishan make up the top of the Caste pyramid. The Daimo are demons and devils freed from their home the Outer Realm to serve the Devil-king as Lords and Ladies controlling different portions of the newly conquered Seraine.
Within the Daimo caste is a sub-caste system distinguishable only to other Daimo with the Devil-King at the top, answerable to no one. Below the Devil-king are his Dukes or High-Reeves, who lord over Earls, then Barons and finally Sheriffs.
The Reishan are those demons and devils who hold no title other than Reishan not unlike Japanese Ronin.

Marks of Fate and the 12 fated ones

Before anyone had an opportunity to do anything a monistary of monks recognized the danger that befell the world after the Darkest day, and quickly scooped up the babes to raise them in a secluded monistary. For 16 years these devout monks trained the black children in ways to protect themselves as well as in the use of the powers bestowed upon them by the birthmarks they each posses.
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