Telerak is much larger than Seraine, over twice so. The vastness itself lends itself to resist unifying events such as what is currently occupying Seraine.

People of Telerak


There were at one time 27 tribes of Man, through infighting and the rigors of survival only 7 stand today.
Pict Galic
Rohemsh Russian/Mongolian
Goleyr German
Se’ark Chinese
Menard _Nordic
Peanar Aboriginal Central American
Tok Desert Runner/Polynesian


The descendants of the Eldriks have feed off the life giving magiks of their Aether-fonts to the point of fracturing their society based on their feeding practices.
Shileyahmedra (High Elves) French
Dorelamondria (Wild Elves) Aboriginal Northern American
Phalerion (Dark Elves) Roman


Cousins to the Elves these descendants of the ELdriks have forsaken the Aether-fonts all together, favoring the warm embrace of the mountainside.
Nor’beik (Mountain Dwarves) Greek
Shielvejin (Hill Dwarves) Scandinavian
Clan of the Iron Fist


A distant cousin to the Eldriks themselves, Gnome fled the fey and their motherland Arcaidia
Havash (Wild Gnomes)
Torek (Civilized Gnomes) Persian


The nomadic aboriginal residents of Telerak
Red Rock Orc Aboriginal Northern America
Molek Orc Middle-eastern
Orcs of Dragon Peak Aboriginal Austrailian
Pict (half-orc)




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